Why Every Business Needs A Blog

As a business owner you may not see the need for a blog. Maybe you believe since you’re not selling online or have a ‘techie’ product that you have no need for one. Let me explain why, no matter what your business is, that having a blog is essential to sales.

Blogs Give Products Purpose

Think about it. If you’re trying to figure out how to use a certain product, what the best product on the market is, or specifications on a product, you look online. No one calls the company directly and asks them questions anymore. A blog provides an online resource guide for your products.

Your Customers Are Online

Even if you’re a ‘mom and pop’ shop on main street you still have a need for a blog. Why? Because you don’t want to limit yourself to only the people who drive past your shop or know of your website. You want people to type into Google, ‘hand crafted table’, and for your blog to pop up to those potential clients. Not only will your blog tell them about your products, but it will give them a deeper look into why your products are what they’re looking for.

Become Find-able

As mentioned above a blog helps you to become more visible in the world wide web. Certain keywords help customers to find your website. There may be a thousand different furniture stores online, but since you have a blog (and are using the right keywords) your website pops up closer to the top on a search.

Gives Customers An Inside Look

Having a blog doesn’t mean that everything needs to be about your products or frequently asked questions. A blog gives a business the opportunity to show customers more about the people within the company. To have a successful blog you need to show your vulnerable side. This doesn’t mean telling people about your high cholesterol, it means telling them your hobbies, about your family, and giving them inside look into your daily life. People like to buy from people. Show them you’re more than just a logo.

No blog is ever the same and each one has a unique feel. The options are limitless and exciting. Have fun sharing the news about your incredible products while also growing a bond with your future and current clients.

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Source: http://www.roancommunications.com